Hot, hot desert.

Bio: Former mental health and substance abuse counselor working almost exclusively with people with serious mental illness, I am now disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), degenerative disk disorder, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorders. I'm a research junkie, and since I have nothing but time on my hands I spend a lot of time researching my health issues, most prominently MS, and researching psych related topics, as well as addiction medicine and chronic pain treatment. I decided to start this blog to share some my knowledge with anyone who might be interested. I spent my entire career helping people in one form or another, just because I can't work anymore doesn't mean I need to stop doing that. My motto has always been that if I could positively impact even one person's life I will have done my job well. If I'm able to do that here, it all will be worth it. 🙂

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